Questions and Answers

Q: How do I Signup?

A: Signup is quick and easy, just head on over to our Reputable Roof Protection Plans and follow the steps, We will call you within 72hrs of signing up to confirm your plan and scheduling first service.


Q: How do I know you cleaned my roof if I do not live at the residence?

A: We will E-mail photos with a documented date and time for every service we perform. You also have the option to allow us to text or call you the day we serviced your home.


Q: What if my roof is 2 or more stories tall?

A: When we call you for your service scheduling we will discuss if the pitch is greater than a 7/12 and more than 2 stories, there will be a fee attached and that payment will be due the date we service home.


Q: Can I cancel my recurring payment anytime?

A: Yes! If you don't feel like you would like to continue with our service, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, If you choose to do so your service will continue until your next scheduled billing date.


Q: My house is COVERED with leaves, Sticks, and who knows what else, can you still service my roof?

A: OF COURSE! Our goal is to keep your roof clean, So if you live in an area covered with trees you better believe this service is for you, We've Seen it all... ON ROOFS... We expect your first cleaning to be a tough one, and that is why we highly recommend our quarterly service that way it stays maintained.


Q: Do you install roofs?

A: We Do ! With over 10 years of experience in this industry, we can assist you with all of your roofing needs. 

Q: I have gutter guards on my house, why would I pay for this service too?

A: Gutter guards are a great product, but if you have leaves or pine needles/ Debris, when they sit on your gutter guards they build up moisture, and the debris builds up as well, and before you know it here comes the snow... Which then allows your roof to build up Ice Dams, and THAT is what will begin the nightmare phase of your roof slowly falling apart, Keep in mind this happens around skylights, Roof Vents, and Valleys as well.


Q: I Have a mobile home should I get this service?

A: Absolutely, this goes for 20year old mobile homes and Brand new Mobile homes. If your home has your original roof on it, This is Highly recommended because 85% of mobile homes Being built to this day do not have the proper underlayment protection or Ice and Water Shield required by the shingle manufacturer, and the majority of mobile homes built have low sloped roofs which allows stuff to sit on your roof and gutters twice as fast.

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